Creative Writing

In this project, PWW implements activities to stimulate creative writing ability in children and adolescents, in Addition to promote reading in the society in general, and in schools particulary.

Here, we are working through two lines:

A) Training of Trainers

Workshop sessions with Palestinian writers (including Gaza using skype) aim to instruct participants on how to work with children in creative ways that utilize reading, writing, and storytelling. Maya Abu al Hayyat, a professional storyteller and trainer, will lead the first part of the training where the writers will be required to lead their own mini workshops as part of this 1 week training. Workshops given by participants during the training will be led at refugee camps in the Ramallah District. Once the sessions are completed, the trained writers would then pair up in teaching creative youth workshops in various parts of Palestine, including Gaza.


  • To provide writers with the professional skills needed to effectively work with youth in Palestine.
  • Enabling sustainable children’s programming in Palestine and training more professionals in creative writing education to be used across Palestine.
  • To train the first cohort of writers in Palestine who are trained in teaching creative writing.

Target: Writers, trainers, and librarians.


B) Creative writing workshops for youth/ school students

PWW believes in writing as a tool for social change, and for the professional and academic development. By using this tool, PWW takes youth towards more creative reading and writing, and works to develop children’s writing skills, and strengthen the education process in more fun and exciting ways.



  • To empower youth through the opportunity and tools to voice their own creativity and narratives
  • To enable them to see in heritage both cultural value and potential stories, and to re-discover that which is a vital part of Palestine’s history and culture.
  • To engage youth in the creative process of producing educational books and sharing those stories in institutions or schools.