The Palestine Writing Workshop was founded in November of 2009, starting with a single writer-in residency-workshop. Today we work with Palestine writers and the literary community in Palestine to provide opportunities and resources to support cultural life across Palestine. In its first four years, the Workshop has worked with various communities, from children in remote villages, refugee camps and cities, to internationally renowned writers. The Workshop strives to build writers’ capacities through training and activities, engaging with writers of diverse backgrounds and experiences. Through this work, we strive to offer writers in Palestine opportunities to develop their craft and find economic opportunities through their creative work.
Reaching communities and individuals widely across Palestine and identifying young talent to support and develop as artists.

Strategic Goals:
1. Promote creative thinking and expression through activities and trainings in drama, reading, writing, illustration and storytelling among members of the Palestinian community, particularly youth;
2. Develop a network of local and international artists to participate in cultural events in Palestine;
3. To support Palestinian artists, especially ones young in their careers, to improve their ability to produce works;