PWW Team

Maya Abu Alhayyat: Writer, storyteller and creative writing trainer, she is currently PWW manager and works as a trainer on some projects.
Mays Dagher: PWW coordinator; also a writer.
Anas Abu Rahmeh: Program developer and creative writing trainer
Yara Bamieh: Artistic department, architect and illustrator
Mouneer Fasheh: Educational Advisor
Lubna Taha: Illustrator and painter who works and volunteers in our programs
Legally and administratively, PWW is registered under the name of Dalia Association, which cares about the legal and financial situations of PWW

Mrs. Morgan Cooper: (The credit of PWW idea goes to Mrs. Cooper, who established and directed the foundation from 2009 to 2013.
Author Dalia Taha
Ala’ Saffouri