Storytelling Activities Across Palestine

Through the project “An Hour of Stories, “ PWW offers interactive storytelling activities. This is one of the main ways that the workshop promotes reading, giving opportunities for the largest number of children to enjoy an hour with stories, which is punctuated with puppet shows, singing, and dancing.  We arrange storytelling with cultural centers, preschools and libraries in villages, camps and cities all over Palestine.

Project Objectives:

  1. Promote reading by having a great time while listening to stories
  2. Share pleasure and fun between children and their parents
  3. Interactive way to enhance imagination and creative thinking

Project Target Group: children between 4-9 years and their parents


Literary productions for children:

1- Shahima book

2- Stories from Jalazone

3- Stories from Beit Exa


School Field Trips: “Dawsha bel Warsha”

PWW is housed in a great historical building, which has a library for both children and adults. We invite schools and different children and youth groups to visit our building / library in Birzeit. The field trips are cultural and spiritual, focusing on self-discovery through reading and writing activities. Visits include a healthy lunch as well as healthy snacks. Our building is able to host two visits per week.

Project Objectives:

  • Offer students escape from daily school routine to a place where library, open areas and garden present learning in a new and magical way.
  • Present students with other possibilities of having fun, away from modern technology
  • Interact with writers and artists in a place that motivates body and soul to relax and enjoy learning.
  • Help youth express themselves by urging them to shed feelings of fear, norms, and tradition using drama and creative writing exercises.
  • Help teachers to open a dialogue with students in untraditional ways and place, and to engage students more creatively
  • Encourage healthy habits by using fresh and healthy food, and doing exercises

Project Target Group: The age group targeted is between 6-17 years old. The total number of students in each visit is 40-50