Two stories of PWW production win Etisalat award

Two awards of Etisalat Prize for Arabic Children’s Literature 2016 went to Palestine writing workshop:  Best Illustration went to Hassan Manasrah for Berkat Al Asela Al Zarqa’a (The Pool of Blue Questions)written by Maya Abu Alhayat, , and Best Production  went to  Bolqosh, written and illustrated by Yara Bamieh.

Congratulations for PWW and it’s friends and partners!


Training sessions of “we love reading aloud” project

In the framework of implementation of the second phase of the project “We love reading ” . PWW held a series of training workshops in the field of “Reading interactive stories for children,” for those who work in the fields of childhood teachers, educators and mothers, in different areas of the West Bank and Gaza. The first phase of this project included the production of six stories for children.

PWW partners in this project are: Middle East Chlidren Alliance, Sacremento to Bethlehem sister city, Sacremento to Nablus sister city, Badico, Welfare Association, Riwaq.

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Photos of new six children stories signing

PWW has published new stories for children, and arranged signing ceremony for them in 21.8.2016 . The new stories are:

  • Unimportant tips for the young reader.
  • The blue pool of questions.
  • The gipsy fairy.
  • Bolqush.
  • Princess Buhruj palace.
  • Falfool in ogre home.

These stories were produced through the project ” we love reading aloud”, which is funded by: Middle east children alliance, Badico, Riwaq, Taawon, Sacramento to Bethlehem sister city, Sacramento to Nablus sister city.

These are some photos of the signing  day:

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Conclusion of TOT in Nablus

In 19-3-2016, PWW concluded a training of trainers in Nablus city, in the field of ” Creative writing and storytelling”. This activity is implemented by the trainer Maya Abu Alhayyat, and is part of “Reading promoting in Nablus” project, in cooperation with Middle East Children Alliance MECA.








Conclusion of TOT in Jordan

PWW crew members concluded training of trainers workshop in Jordan, in the field of interactive storytelling for children.
The training was funded by the Organization of Middle East Children Alliance MECA, and has been implemented in Albaq’a Palestinian refugee camp, in the period between 5 and 8 March 2016. The writers participants from PWW are: Maya Abu Alhayyat, Ahlam Bisharat, Anas Abu Rahma, Tareq Al Arabi, in addition to the illustrator Lubna Taha.








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Investing in young Palestinian artists to improve their ability to produce books

PWW believes in writing as a tool for social change, and for professional and academic development. By using this tool, PWW takes youth towards more creative reading and writing, and works to develop youth’s writing skills and strengthen the education process in more fun and exciting ways.


  • Empower youth through giving them the opportunity and tools to voice their own creativity and narratives
  • Enable participants to see in heritage both cultural value and potential stories, and to re-discover that which is a vital part of Palestine’s history and culture.
  • Engage youth in the creative process of producing educational books and sharing those stories in institutions or schools.

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Training of Trainers

Workshop sessions with Palestinian writers (including Gaza using skype) aim to instruct participants on how to work with children in creative ways that utilize reading, writing, and storytelling. Maya Abu al Hayyat, a professional storyteller and trainer, will lead the first part of the training where the writers will be required to lead their own mini workshops as part of this 1 week training. Workshops given by participants during the training will be led at refugee camps in the Ramallah District. Once the sessions are completed, the trained writers would then pair up in teaching creative youth workshops in various parts of Palestine, including Gaza.

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